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In September 2014, I trusted Kari to create a sustainable program structured around my needs, weaknesses and goals, and she set me up with a six week workout plan. Kari took into account my physical issues (damage to a disc in my lower back) as well as mental (dislike of gyms, tendency to overdo things) and created careful, well-balanced workouts that were progressively more challenging and varied.  

My all over strength increased, which helped me to see how much strength training was able to improve my running capabilities as well. Kari helped me to see that building strong support muscles makes a huge difference for sustaining progress and preventing injuries.  And it's actually pretty fun :)  Kari is a great communicator, creates effective and efficient workouts is enjoyable to work with!


Foundation Training with Kari has been life changing!

Back pain had been a problem of mine for several years and I hadn't responded to a variety of interventions. The intensity would wake me at night and in addition to the physical discomfort, I was also becoming sleep deprived. When Kari introduced me to the series of strength building postures called Foundation Training I experienced a positive change within days. Weekly classes with Kari were fun and allowed me to build on the techniques so I could incorporate them into my yoga practice, my work and my domestic chores. Now, almost a year from my introduction to this powerful routine, I am free from debilitating back pain. Thank you, Kari for your training and skill. I am grateful every single day.


Susan T


Practising proper alignment and activating muscles will relieve pressure on your joints. You will feel fewer aches and pains while building new patterns for your body to replace current patterns of imbalance.

Your core includes all the muscles that help to stabilize your spine and pelvis within movements, areas which are often overlooked in typical "core" programs. Learn to use your true core to properly hold and support your body. 


Identify what you feel, where and why with functional and specific movements. Muscles such as your gluteals (those buns!) need a reminder to do their job! Move in harmony and age gracefully with strength.


Corrective exercises will counteract the stresses of the modern life such as sitting at a desk, working on a computer or sedentary lifestyles. Standing in proper alignment is important for your body and health. 


Your confidence is raised when you are able to stand upright, feeling more comfortable in movement and exercise. Be ready to handle life with the tools to keep you and your body feeling good.


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